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Prowessology Shift 12 week group course (Event)

Starts Nov 6, 2018 – 5pm PST

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Prowessology 12 week group course

October 3, 2018 – December 15, 2018

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Ros Philips – Student Graduate of our 12 week “Prowessology” 1st series Program

Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she began to fly. One day whilst flicking through face book I accidentally hit watch on a replay of Ostara and Stephen and I was mesmerized by the energy from these two amazing coaches. Stephen’s laugh was so infectious I was hooked. I followed their live audio classes and eventually I contact them for help. I was totally lost within my life and my purpose. I have just completed working with these amazing coaches and after three months of tears, laughter and confusion I have been reborn and have never felt as clear in my direction or in my self as a person as I do now. Ostara and Stephen both have unique gifts that compliment each other and are like no training or mentor I have ever experienced. I truly owe my happiness love and utmost respect to both of them for the amazing journey I have embarked on. Thank you both so so much for giving me back my life and giving me the tools to stand in my power and become the strong woman I am today

After graduating from the 12 week Prowessology Life changing experience…

“Hi guys miss you so much. So much going on in my life my vibration is so high I have never felt so happy and contented as I do right now. The book I’ve been a part of writing has gone to the publishers and the colleague/friend has asked me to run healing retreats with her on this amazing property in Darwin at the top of Australia. OMG it’s a dream come true. I know it won’t happen for a little while but I’m so excited I could burst. Also my business is expanding I have completed my Reiki course, and I’m putting together essential oils for clients to purchase for certain mental health issues all these ideas are just flowing in and I feel soooo good. I love you both so much it’s like I have totally awakened and just floating through life”

~Ros Phillips, 
Counselor & Psychotherapist from Australia

 p.s. this Ros’ before and after pics

Truly transformational


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Wait before you go...

JOIN our FREE 9 Day Self Love Challenge! To manifest your desires, loving you should be your #1 focus

Wait before you go...

JOIN our FREE 9 Day Self Love Challenge! To manifest your desires, loving you should be your #1 focus